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A chihuahua amongst the wolves
01 February 2015
Reviewer: Steaming B from England

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I would never have paid for MUBI as it is very poor value for money compared with other streaming services. I got a free 12 month subscription when I bought a Samsung TV.

Choice of films is good if you like non-english and non-mainstream films but you can only choose from thirty different films at any time compared with hundreds or thousands on other services.

Compatability is a problem as it does not even run on my new Samsung Smart TV without repeating a segment every few minutes, And it came as a free offer with this TV!

Tried it on Sony PS3 and Sony Bravia BluRay. Took ages to set up the necessary accounts and then to link them to MUBI and then to register the machines. I could have driven to the cinema and watched the film in the same time. Streaming o.k. but still falters at times unlike Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer.

Tried it on PC Windows with Flash Player. Very jerky compared to other services including BBC iPlayer. Resolution also limited to 720p on PC unlike other services I use on PC.

Tried it on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android). Seems o.k. and allows film to be downloaded for offline viewing.

I shall not be renewing my subscription as by then I shall probably have watched their whole range of films.
This looks like a botched up homemade service compared with almost everything else I have used. Glad I didn't put any money into it, just my valuable time. If I didn't enjoy esoteric films I would never bother to log in again after all the effort and disappointment.

In summary, I would not recommend Mubi to a friend.

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