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It’s easy to get stuck in the same old regime of watching the same old movies, or the same kinds of movie. When you’re faced with a lot of choice it’s sometimes overwhelming and difficult to decide on what to watch. If you’re interested in spreading your movie wings and watching a few films that you might otherwise ignore, Mubi could be the site for you.

Mubi offers a very low cost service which allows you to watch from up to 30 movies a month. These movies have been hand picked by the Mubi.com staff, and they won’t simply be a series of the usual suspects. Yes, you’ll find quite a few classics on offer, but they edge more towards art house than Hollywood hype. If you’re looking for something a bit different when it comes to watching a film, something that you might not have even heard of but that is critically acclaimed, Mubi could be the cure.

There is only really one package available from this website but you have three payment options to choose from. If you want to try Mubi out for a week then you can do that for free. After the free trial you can pay £2.99 per month to keep watching, or take out longer contracts for a monthly discount. All of these are very affordable and although you only get a choice of 30 movies (one being removed and a new one taking its place each day) this still works out as very good value per movie.

The system is pretty flexible as you can watch movies on a range of devices through your browser. There are no download options so you’ll need a decent internet connection. The quality is fine although, since a number of the movies are quite old, you shouldn’t expect HD quality. Additional features are few and generally lacking in information. Searching is pretty useless really, except perhaps to build up a list of films you’d like to watch in the hope that the staff will take notice and add that film to their future playlists. 

Mubi.com offers a very affordable option for film fans. However, you don’t have much choice over what to watch and if you’re expecting to see the Hollywood blockbusters then this isn’t the site for you. If you are open to new movie experiences and taking a punt on the editors’ choices, especially if you’re interested more in art house than action movies, Mubi is worth checking out. 

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