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Google Play Movies Review

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With such a large audience using their search engine it’s not surprising that Google have opted to branch out into movie rentals. They offer a wide range of movies, from anime to sports, kids' shows to adult dramas. You’ll find all the most wanted movies and TV shows on Google Play Movies and the quality is very high. Prices are also lower than industry standard and you have the option to rent or purchase your favourite movies.

There’s not a great deal that sets Google Play apart from its rivals. However if you are already well invested in the Google world (with a Google+ profile or use one of its other services) then the whole system will feel familiar to you. There are a couple of elements that might draw you to this site over others, primarily their free episodes and $0.99 (around 60p) rentals. These offer free (or very cheap) options for anyone who isn’t too picky about what they watch. Renting top films is also a little bit cheaper than you’ll generally find elsewhere on the net, but you do need to pay for individual shows rather than a subscription package. Searching for a TV show or movie on Google Play Movies is something of a mixed experience. The key word search functions fine but the results aren’t well filtered. In comparison browsing throws up some interesting results as you can locate shows based on their studios and networks, or try one of the recommendations. This means that if you liked a particular show that was on HBO, for example, you can find other shows broadcast by HBO. It’s not necessarily a guarantee that you’ll find something that you equally love but it offers up a few interesting options.

Whilst quality is pretty good, we were a bit disappointed by the lack of HD options. Some of the newest releases will only be available in standard definition, so if you’re hoping to see a new release in high definition on your widescreen TV then this isn’t always possible. To find out whether a movie is the quality you expect you can watch a trailer or check out what other customers have thought of a film by checking their star rating and reviews. You can also create a list of movies and TV shows that you enjoy or wish to watch, which is a good idea if you have a bit of time to browse but want to watch a show later that day or later in the week. For those customers with children you can easily find a strong range of suitable movies for the little people. Google Play even offers a few unique games which can be a great way to interact with a movie and keep the kids occupied.

Google Play offers most of the movies and features you’ll need. It’s slightly cheaper than some of its competitors and allows for a few unique ways to locate movies and recommended viewing. Its games are a unique feature which make it a fun tool for anyone with children. However it’s somewhat uninspired and probably isn’t that suitable for the hardcore movie fan. There are no forums or discussion boards, no editorials or movie guides. Also, whilst the video and sound quality are high, they often fail to reach the highest standards that film buffs might be hoping for.

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