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Netflix is a browser-based movie and TV show viewing platform. It offers a wide range of top films which can be watched at any time and as many times as you like. Its content is unique to the country your account is registered in, so for the purposes of this review we will be considering Netflix with particular reference to the videos available in the UK. At around £6 per month this is one of the cheapest and most versatile options for movie fans that doesn't scrimp on quality.

So how does Netflix work? First of all you create an account. This is simple and shouldn’t take long to accomplish. On signing up you are also given one month’s free access to all content, which is a great way to get a feel for the site and what’s on offer. Navigation is very simple and intuitive, although we do find that it’s easier to search for shows on a computer rather than on a games console. Still, each works perfectly well. You can search for a movie by title or its actors, directors or themes. Netflix offers up results based on your search but it may also offer suggestions which don’t quite match. Actually this is quite useful once you get used to it. For example, if you searched for “Big” (a Tom Hanks movie) but it wasn’t on Netflix then it will present you with other films starring Tom Hanks, or other movies with “big” in the title. It is also aware of the genre of many movies which aren’t in its library, and may suggest a movie that is similar to “Big”, in this case.

What’s perhaps most unique about Netflix.co.uk is that it learns about what you like. The more you watch and rate, the better its matches are. You can also take a quiz if you don’t know what to watch and it’ll offer up a few options that you might enjoy. It also allows you to begin a show, stop, and then continue from where you left off. This works even if you are on a completely different device, so you’ll never have to skip through to find where you were. It remembers this information for every show or movie you watch, so even if you were half way through a movie months ago you will take off from the exact same point if you wish.

There’s a range of modern and classic films to watch on this site, although generally speaking you won’t find the most recent movies on here (for example movies that have only just been released on DVD). The quality is very high, although not always HD quality, and, although it’s rare to encounter lagging, this is a possibility given the fact that everything is streamed. If you have children then Netflix can be a lifesaver as it has plenty of shows and movies to keep them entertained, and they’ve allocated a large chunk of the site to children’s entertainment. 

Netflix is affordable, clever and offers hundreds of hours of entertainment. With a 1 month free trial there’s really nothing to lose from giving it a try. 

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