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Sky is one of the most well known television program and movie providers around. They power NowTV, an online service to stream movies and TV shows directly into your home and you can even run your movies on up to 4 devices using a single account. There are several packages to choose from through Now TV, although the ones which are likely going to be of most interest to anyone reading this review are SkyMovies Month Pass and the Entertainment month pass. These allow access to over 800 films or 10 of the most popular shows in the UK including Game of Thrones. If you're interested in combining movie and TV packages then check out the website's bundles sections, which will give you more details as to the sort of combinations you can make and the range of deals available to you.

We were a little disappointed by the number of movies available from NowTV. 800 is okay but it's hardly amazing, and they only add 16 or fewer premier titles per month. A real film fan could easily watch all of the new titles each month. Perhaps we're being a little bit picky though, in reality 800 is a lot to choose from, it's just not as many as you will find elsewhere. All viewing is streamed so you won't be able to download content to watch when you're offline. This is fairly standard practice although some sites do allow you to download movies. The selection of shows and movies is pretty good, although a little predictable. They haven't taken many risks here, it's all fairly mainstream populist stuff. However, if that's all you're after then £8,99 per month is pretty affordable for unlimited movies. Searching for a movie is very basic and it would be useful to have more options and filters to help you really pin down what it is you're looking for. Once you've found a movie you can read a little about it and view ratings of it from other users, although the amount of information is a little limited at times. Thankfully the website also offers recommendations based on the films you're interested in viewing. 

Now TV is fine but it's a little underwhelming in terms of its selection of movies and the fact that TV shows are accessed (and paid for) separately. If you're interested in a tailored package then one of the bundles might be considering, particularly if you primarily want to see the latest Hollywood releases.

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