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Marvel Movies Review

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Marvel has always been a major hit with kids but more than ever it’s breaking into adult territory. They’ve relaunched comic book institutions such as Spiderman, The X-men, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. The less said about Elektra the better. Although you can find a number of their movies on other movie download websites, this is the official page for those movies and it provides a few extras for diehard fans.

The extras aren’t many, admittedly, and generally anybody can take advantage of them, whether or not they decide to buy a movie through the website. Mostly these extras include movie clips and downloadable images which could be used as desktop wallpapers. You can also read some information on each movie, although if you’re really keen to find out more, then you’ll want read their news section, which tells you about the origin of certain stories and characters, and how the directors got their inspiration for the live versions of the comics. 

So what else is there on offer? Well not a whole lot really. You can watch movies through iTunes if you don’t want to leave your sofa, or you can order copies of the movies on DVD and Bluray. You can occasionally even find 3D versions of movies, which is pretty nifty if you have a 3D TV! However, these aren’t exclusive to Marvel.com and there’s little reason to go here as opposed to finding their movies on a different site. Perhaps the only advantage is to ultimate Marvel fans, who will be able to find a much more comprehensive selection of Marvel films than they might find on any single site elsewhere.

Prices are high, and, whilst we appreciate that they may have occasional sales, this generally doesn’t seem to be the case. Marvel could do much more to encourage visitors to shop with them, such as providing exclusive content, games, additional information and forums, but this is all lacking. Even then, if they’re going to charge more for their movies than other sites charge then it’s very difficult to recommend their services. Audio visual quality is high but they only sell their own movies, so this isn’t a place to come if you’re an all round movie buff.  

Marvel.com is worth a visit just to check out the free images and some movie trivia, but when it comes to making a purchase we think you’re better off looking elsewhere (unless you can’t find the Marvel film that you’re looking for on another site.) With great power comes great responsibility.

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