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Please note that FilmFlex has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of FilmFlex below, or check out the rest of the UK Movie Download Websites we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www.filmflexmovies.co.uk

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FilmFlex Review

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FilmFlexMovies.co.uk is a leading movies-on-demand style service throughout Europe. They are a joint venture with Disney and Sony Pictures and have movie supply deals with more than 30 distributors. Primarily in the UK, they operate with Virgin Media, TalkTalk and other mainstream entertainment suppliers. Its cable network is broad across the UK and can supply films to well over 3 million homes. However, the website sets itself out as a service provider for organizations which want to offer movies to their customers, rather than to individual homes. This means it is better suited to businesses and institutions rather than one off sales.

Over five thousands movies have been processed through Film Flex since its birth in 2005. This is an impressive number and puts up some fierce competition against other names in the business. However the website itself tells you very little about which movies are on offer, how they can be set up, the sorts of offers available and more. As a sales page it does a poor job. In fact if you are interested in using Film Flex's services then you'll have to make a call to discuss the ins, outs and prices available as its packages are designed for your particular requirements. 

Additional features are few but tend to revolve around offering promotions to your clients. So, you might offer free movies or packages for a limited time, which they can arrange for you. They can build a custom micro-site to supply the movies you've chosen to a limited group of watchers, which is potentially a good way of promoting your particular brand and values. The team are keen to share their skills sets, which range from procuring content to platform design, online services to promotional video content. Yet we still feel like we're missing something here, there's oblique reference to movies but the information provided really seems to skirt around the topic without offering anything solid.

Film Flex is a curve ball in some respects. It appears professional, it seems to know what it's talking about and yet that isn't communicated well through their website. This isn't a service for every couple sat at home wanting to watch a quick flick, it's about promotions and supplying movie options to a broader set of clients or members of an organization. If you're in that position, it might be worth getting in touch with them but otherwise it's hard to really pin down their services.

Please note that FilmFlex has now been discontinued.

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